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Welcome to Arauma!

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I'm Ami Yuy and this is my personal website where I put anything that I want. ^_^

NOTE: If you got straight to this exact page from a search engine (ie. Yahoo!) then please go back to here and then enter from there.

*6/15/03- Added a link under My Sites to my newest site.
*4/3/03- "Sad Kimiko in Snow" - this picture was drawn by Fred "Piro" Gallagher of Megatokyo. It's on the big fluffy blanket that Will got me for Christmas. ^_^ Who woulda thought that it'd come in so handy out here in Sourthern Cali?
Anyway, there's a new page under "Images" called "My Cosplay."
*12/20/02- Another layout for mi novio! I saw this pic of Quatre and thought it was so totally adorable! Happy birthday, Will! And Merry Christmas everyone!
*11/19/02- New layout featuring Quatre from Gundam Wing, dedicated to mi novio (my boyfriend).
Added 5 fan arts.
*10/12/02- Posted 21 of my pictures from Ani-Magic '02 and updated the Anime Expo picture page.
*9/28/02- New layout of Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess.

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