Normal Lives - Prologue

"I will survive."
Those are the three words that my childhood companion, Heero Yuy, first uttered to me in the darkness of our room. I lived with that boy, who had no real name, and the assassin which had taken us from the streets. Not that the life he gave us was anything near normal.

That's a story for another time perhaps.

Now, I should probably introduce myself to you. My name is Ami Yuy. No, no, Heero and I are not related. I know part of my past, and a bit of that is my first name, Ami. Yuy, well, I assumed that for my surname as Heero did.

I stand at the moderate height of 5 feet 2 inches, have short blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, and generally wear khaki cargo pants with a light blue tank top. Not much to look at, in my opinion, but I've had some gentlemen tell me differently.

My connections to the Gundam pilots are fairly normal. Other than already knowing Heero, I met the one who is called Trowa Barton when the circus was performing on Earth after the Mariemaia incident. Truth be told, I met his sister Catherine before I met him.

After the show had ended, I had gone to walk around and look at the animals when I bumped into the cheerful woman with curly brown hair. "I'm sorry!" Automatically the response passed from my lips as I looked up to see who I had run into.

The smile on her face and nonchalant reply put me at ease, "Oh, don't worry. So, did you enjoy the show?" Nodding dumbly, I tried to place where she looked familiar from. Of course! The knife-thrower! She laughed softly and then turned her head to look at a man kneeling beside the lion cages. "Hey, Trowa, you finished yet?" As I followed her gaze to the man, I had to take a breath. It was the man she'd thrown the knives at. The one who hadn't flinched one millimeter. He was still kneeling, but had turned his piercing emerald-green eye, for the other one was hidden by his hair, to look in our direction.

"Just did." The tone for some reason, that remains unknown to me, caught my attention as I gazed at his face, and then noticed that his hand was resting on the lion's head. My small gasp must have been something that he was used to hearing as his reply came, "Beasts only bear their fangs at enemies. They're true to their feelings." I hadn't expected that, but as I would come to find out, one never knew what to expect from Trowa or his sister.

I'm not sure why, but Catherine, or Cathy as she had me call her, invited me to eat with them that night, and more after that. For a few months, the circus stayed near Preventer Headquarters, where I was living and working with Heero and the Preventers. I suppose that this had something to do with Trowa's connections to the past, but at the time I was more focused on having fun with Cathy. I was loving having a big sister, even at the age of 18.

Losing my parents at the age of 7, I was taken in by the assassin Odin Lowe. When he had been killed, Heero had been trained as a Gundam pilot, while I worked in MS repair yards to earn a living, at age 8. She filled a void that had been there. A void that I hadn't even noticed until then. We were inseperable and when the order finally came for them to leave it was a bitter parting.

Enough of the past, goodness knows there will be plenty of that later. Presently, I am the happily married wife of the former Gundam pilot-turned clown, Trowa Barton. Today, it has been 2 years since we were married, in the year AC 200, and to celebrate, we've gotten all of our friends to promise to come together.

Author's Note: Good, bad, okay? The first chapter of this just kinda started running itself through my head, and this followed as I started writing. Hope it's not too bad.

5/29/02- I did minor updates, changing around some of the sentences and trying to make things a bit clearer.

This chapter was more 'interactive' than the rest of the story is going to be and was just to introduce Ami and her background. The rest will be more 'normal.' It will stay in her POV.

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