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my sites

In order of newest to oldest.

Title: ~true colors~
Since: May 30, 2003
About: I finally made a seperate cosplay site! Will and I are gonna share. ^_^ (Please ignore the retarted amount of pop-ups that accompany this site...Tripod is starting to annoy me and sooner or later I WILL either become hosted by someone or get my own domain.)
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Title: Ami Yuy's AOL Instant Messanger Icons
Since: January 2002
About: The most popular of all of my sites, it's an archive of AIM buddy icons that I've made.
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Title: War and Peace
Since: November 17, 2001
About: Shrine to Heero Yuy and Relena Peacecraft of Gundam Wing. Mainly fan works.
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Title: Arauma (this site)
Since: October 20, 2001
About: This site, my personal space for anything.
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Title: Angeles habent pennas albinarum (Angels have wings of white)
Since: April 1, 2001
About: My first character shrine to Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing and Van Fanel of Escaflowne.
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Title: The Little Gundam Corner
Since: October 7, 2000
About: The smallest of my sites, it's about the anime and manga Gundam Wing.
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Title: Sailor Senshi Paradise
Since: August 6, 2000
About: My oldest and largest site about the anime and manga, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
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