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past layouts

Here are screenshots of all except for the very first layout of this site since it was begun on October 20, 2001.

Title: Moonlight Romance
Since: July 8, 2002- August 1, 2002
About: Version 2.0, using frames and internal frames I placed this in a pop-up window and used the lines around to give it a sort of framed feeling.

Title: Childhood: Chip & Dale
Since: August 1, 2002- September 28, 2002
About: Version 3.0, using frames and a pop-up again, I placed the text between pictures of two McDonald's toys of Chip and Dale from the show Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers.

Title: Belldandy
Since: September 28, 2002- November 19, 2002
About: Version 4.0, using frames but no pop-up, I went for a more traditional and simple layout using the left large picture with menu on bottom and right text area.

Title: Quatre
Since: November 19, 2002- December 20, 2002
About: Version 5.0, using frames but no pop-up, Semi-traditional, I re-used the html from the Chip 'n' Dale layout to do a more simple sketchy Quatre layout. Dedicated to my boyfriend, Will.

Title: Quatre 2
Since: December 20, 2002- April 3, 2003
About: Version 5.5, using frames but no pop-up, Back to the left side picture, I loved this drawing and just had to use it! Dedicated to Will again!

Title: Kimiko - "Sad Girl in Snow"
Since: April 3, 2003- Current
About: Version 6.0, using frames but no pop-up, crossed-over picture. This picture was drawn by Fred "Piro" Gallagher of Megatokyo. It's on the big fluffy blanket that Will got me for Christmas. ^_^ Who woulda thought that it'd come in so handy out here in Sourthern Cali?