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4-18-2003: Off to Grandmother's House We Go/A Pink Business Suit for Thanksgiving

"You have nothing to fear except fear itself."
-- I don't remember...

I'll get to the quote later. But for now, I am at my grandmother's house. How did I get here? Will's family dropped me off on their way to Texas. ^_^ That was a fun car ride, much better than I had hopped. That was yesterday, I'm flying home on my own on Tuesday (22nd).

Why am I here?

We began working on my Relena costume (see images-my cosplay) when we came out here to visit last Thanksgiving (hence the "A Pink Business Suit for Thanksgiving") and then Gram came out to see us at Christmas so that we could work on it.

How goes it?

It has come quite a ways since then and now the basic suit is about done. The jacket and pants are almost complete, should be finished today. Then comes the 'collar,' buttons, scarf, and blouse. We are going to go and get a pattern for the blouse tonight, I think.

What's with the quote?

Heh. ^^;; You must understand. My grandmother can be quite scary at times. When she's tired or hurting, she lashes out at whomever is around at the moment. It was really bad before she remarried, but thankfully now a lot better. I was pleasantly surprised when yesterday and up till an hour or so ago, she had not used "the voice" yet. Unfortunately though, her back hurts right now, so I'm sitting in here typing instead of in the step-grandpa is getting the brunt of it instead of me. ^^;;

What kind of computer are you using?

Oh dear...must you ask? It is an evil iMac! However, I am pleased to say that it has not contrived to cause any problems for me so far. *knocks on wood*

How was poker Thursday?

Ah, poker at Mr. Foster's! Despite my headache that was not even dented by the Advil, it was quite fun. We were late getting there because my dad and I had fought and me not liking any type of conflict, especially with my parents, had cried so my eyes and face were red and blotchy. Will and I sat in the car for a minute, but then went in. As he put it, "No one will notice, maybe Mrs. Foster, but she won't say anything."

Twas great fun, we played various poker games, and then some blackjack, with the last episode of Star Trek: Next Generation playing in the background (which Will won because he ended up with the most 'money' ^_^). Sadly I had to leave early though, 10:30 because I had to be at Will's house at 5AM the next morning so that we could leave. Will stayed till the end at 12:30. >< No wonder that he was extremely tired yesterday in the car. ^^

Ah well, my ranting is done for least there are two rants up now instead of just one!