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Crash and Burn

Chapter 3- Once and Again

Relena gasped, it was the bear, the one she'd given away. "But, where'd you get it from? I had Pagan give it away..." she mangaged to choke out.
Heero smiled, a real warm smile that carried all the way up to his eyes, "Did you really think he'd get rid of something that he knew meant so much to you? He had it waiting for the time when you would come asking for it, and was more than glad to let me return it to you." Gently her took her hand and gazed deep into her eyes, saying softly, "Relena," his tone conveying more than words ever could for him.

They spent that night together in the garden, holding eachother close not willing to let eachother go for fear of losing them again. It had been the best birthday Relena had ever had.


The next day Relena called in sick and they just sat together talking. They talked of everything from as far back as they could remember in their childhoods on to recent events. One may find this strange, but it seems that they had found the one person that each had been longing for that they could confide in.
First one year passed with Relena gaining control over her political sphere, helping the peace efforts. As more years passed, Heero joined the Preventers, becoming her official bodyguard and being her representation in the organization. He retained the disicpline of a soldier when on duty, but off, he was her friend.
Often when the two had time alone, they would walk along the beach and think. On one such day, four more years after their meeting again, Heero suddenly turned to her.
"Relena, do you remember when you were a girl and a homeless boy came to your school?"
The now twenty-four year old woman turned her head, honey gold locks gently moving in the breeze. "That is an odd question...how would you know that there had been one at our school? Unless..." She stopped and looked at him, he had retained the hairstyle of old, but exchanged his clothing for dark blue jeans and a black tank top. "Heero was that you? Were you that lonely boy who came to our school for that short time, just to be mocked?"
He nodded slightly and looked at her, his eyes blazing, "Did you see me as just another 'unfortunate'?"
Taken aback, she returned his gaze calmly, "No."
He nodded, satisfied. He trusted her to not lie to him. "Then, Relena, I have something else to ask you." Taking her hands he looked at her beatutiful face, the porcelin doll shining in the sunset. Kneeling he reached into a pocket and presented her with a plain gold band, "Relena, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife."
Smiling she nodded and he slipped in onto her finger, then rose to embrace her in a deep kiss.


After a three month engagement the two were married in a private ceremony, having only friends and family. Not until a year later when Relena became noticibly pregnant, did the couple confirm the rumors of their marriage. Despite trials any that they were faced with in the coming years, Heero and Relena raised their family together, happily and among friends.


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