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  .determined.  Emotion: Determined...
Song: "Freckles"/"Sobakasu"- ?/Judy & Mary
Date: 9/1/03
Heh, summer reading...
The song is the opening theme from Rurouni Kenshin. Lol, the English version is kind of grating, but it's funny. ^_^

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ami yuy's mood
++california girl++
mecha :: wing zero custom

Will= my wonderful, loving boyfriend.
Kat= one of my best friends
Tobi= best friend who I grew up with
Xanatos= lives in another state, we chat all the time
Court-chan= online friend who lives out near me
Kelsea=Fellow ODer, loves to ask thought provoking questions
Giant= x b/f who's like a big brother
Tangis= blonde in a brunette's in a guy's body, a great guy to talk to, and he's NOT gay

Me= anime lover, computer nerd, Jesus freak, bookworm

Real pics of friends here.

i'm a closet poké-fan!

Will & Ami